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1  The Forums / Bingo Card Generator / Re: Japanese unicode - some characters will not display on: September 28, 2009, 06:45:09 AM
Thanks. That would be great if you can update the Unicode. I'd love to use this for more Japanese study for myself, my family and for our friends who are learning Japanese.
2  The Forums / Bingo Card Generator / Japanese unicode - some characters will not display on: September 13, 2009, 09:18:36 PM
I just found the site today and made some bingo cards with Japanese. some cards worked fine, even for complex characters (kanji). I am using the unicode option which should allow the display of kanji. However, one set of cards will not display several letters. On the generated bingo cards, those characters become small boxes (I guess that means the program could not find or display these characters).

Here are the characters I tried using that produced some cards with the small boxes. It seems that several of these characters are giving the program some problems.

目 社 空 立 耳 聞 花 行 西 見 言 話 語 読 買 足 車 週 道 金 長 間 雨 電 食 飲 駅 高 魚

Any ideas about why these characters will not all display on the bingo cards?

Thank you for making this great program! Any help would be great. I'd like to use bingo cards as an educational tool for my family learning Japanese. If it works well, I'd like to spread the word to other learners too.
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